Think About Painting Your Furniture

When we think of painting, we usually think of painting our walls and the exterior of our houses. However, what about our furniture? As trends and styles change, we may also want to keep our homes updated, just like we enjoy buying new clothes. However, there is a big difference between buying a new dress and buying a new dresser. A dresser is a much bigger financial investment. Besides, we may still love that dresser and it fits just perfectly in our bedroom! We have not outgrown it, and it has not gotten too big. So why not consider painting it?

When I say “paint it”, what I mean to someone who is not a painter is to refinish it. Refinishing is a form of painting, and is often done by painters. Richard Stevens, a painting contractor, has done quite a bit of refinishing, in fact, it is also one of his specialties. He does many different styles. When refinishing furniture, there are many different techniques, just like with faux finishing walls. The original finish will dictate what the best choices of finishes are to give you the finest results. If you have no budget then, of course, you can have a piece stripped down and finished any way you would like. However, unless you have a very expensive piece or a piece that you absolutely can not part with, this is not practical.

That being said, there are many practical options that can be much less expensive than going out and buying new furniture. Remember when everything was white-washed a slightly pink color and/or pickled to look like burl wood? Richard Stevens Custom Painting took many of those pieces and refinished them to all different shades of brown. He did armoires, tables, dressers, night stands, mirrors, coffee tables, all kinds of furniture and made them look new. The process is very similar to refinishing kitchen cabinets. Depending on what the client wants, it can be exactly like refinishing kitchen cabinets!

This armoire was refinished from a white-wash with hand painting on the flowers up the center to this flat medium brown/This gate leg table was refinished from a whitewash to this satin rich dark brown (you can still see the appearance of wood-grain)

Another economical way to paint your furniture which is very trendy right now, and has been popular throughout the years in contemporary homes is to lacquer it one solid color, such as black or white. Today this is being done with any of the new colors as well, such as aqua or greens, and it comes out beautifully. There is also the option of enamel paint, which is a glossy paint similar to what is used on your front door. When you are redoing your furniture, you will also need to make space in your garage for the pieces to be removed out of your home to have a place to dry properly.

Source Kwik Painters Oshawa